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Terms & Conditions

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant and also mimicked biologically by other compounds found in nature. Our CBD is derived from government-approved strains of Cannabis which meet the requirements set forth to be considered hemp. Accordingly, we can ship our CBD-infused carrier oils anywhere the laws allow. 

The FDA does not have any set standards or regulations regarding CBD or any other compounds derived from Cannabis Sativa L. plants [Cannabis/hemp] but you can check out their website and do research on their guidelines. No claims are being made to contradict any stances the FDA may have or set forth in the future regarding CBD.

Return Policy

Once a bottle is shipped it cannot be returned. We do not claim CBD will provide relief from any condition you may have, we simply have CBD compounds infused into healthy carrier oils and anyone who believes CBD may benefit them, or anyone who is recommended CBD by their caregiver, can use ABCD CBD products to supply any daily recommendations they may receive from their caregiver or that they may determine on their own through their independent research. 

There are no claims as to what the CBD compounds will do for anyone, so if the CBD does not provide relief, it cannot be returned simply because it didn't work for a specific person/condition. Please research CBD benefits before purchasing.


Shipping is provided with 2-day delivery and all orders are sent withing 48-hours of being processed. As we only deliver to the United States at the moment, international shipping does not apply. Any orders that bypass the online store's system will be refunded within 24 hours of the discovery.

Secure Transactions

At the moment, no direct credit card transactions are handled through this site. All card transactions would be handled using Zelle online payments.