• High-potency CBD Oil 70%+ CBD


    CBD Oil at 70% CBD potency per gram. Great to take alone or mix into a carrier oil such as MCT coconut oil or olive oil. You can also mix this CBD Oil into a favorite lotion or salve. 

    To mix into a carrier oil, heat the carrier oil to medium heat in a small pan or bowl and once warm, simply squirt in the amount of CBD you wish to use. Swirl the blend together like adding honey to tea and in a minute or so, you've created your own CBD drops. One ounce of carrier oil to one gram of CBD Oil would be just over 700mg of CBD [70% potency = 700mg/gram] into the one ounce of carrier. If you put the ounce of MCT coconut oil into a 1-oz dropper bottle, you would have approximately 1.1mg of CBD per drop as there are roughly 600 drops of carrier oil per ounce. Using one gram of $25 CBD Oil into one ounce of carrier oil would result in a 700mg+ bottle of CBD drops for $25 plus the carrier oil and bottle. If you had a 10-gram syringe at $18 per gram the price is even more affording for making a larger batch.

    To mix into a salve or lotion you can gently heat the salve or lotion in a saucepan and as it just begins to get soft, mix in the desired amount of CBD and blend it for a minute or so, and put back in the container. If you heat it up and put back in a plastic container vs a glass jar, give the mixture time to cool. I would mix at least 100mg of CBD per ounce of salve or lotion but you will be able to adjust your ratios once you experiment with what you make initially.