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ABCD 3600

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ABCD 3600 Extract comes in a 1-oz bottle (30 ml) and is CBD-infused MCT coconut oil containing 3,600 milligrams of CBD.

There are approximately 600 drops per 1-oz bottle; approximately 6 milligrams of CBD per drop.

The CBD is derived from Cannabis hemp flowers [Cannabis that qualifies as hemp], grown in Colorado, which contains less than 0.3% THC as per Federal guidelines. A Certificate of Authenticity for this specific harvest is on file with the State of Colorado.

The ABCD 3600 is the original ABCD 1800 extract, with an additional 1,800 mg of CBD isolate added to the formula. The CBD isolate is derived from the very flowers the CBD extracts are produced from, not isolates from hemp stalks and stems.

The ratio of CBD-to-THC is approximately 47:1