The United States government holds a patent on the antioxidant and neuroprotectant capabilities of Cannabis compounds, yet the United States government also classifies Cannabis compounds as Schedule 1 drugs, meaning they have zero medical value recognized in the United States. 

Everyone, under international laws, has the right to consume whatever foodstuffs, herbs or berries they wish to live a healthy life while on this planet. Our ABCD 1800 Extract has 1,800 milligrams of CBD in MCT coconut oil, with easy to dose usage. Our ABCD 1800 Extract is also Federally approved and is grown in organic soils in Colorado. We strongly believe US-grown CBD extracts are superior to extracts labeled as originating from the "stalks and seeds" of industrial hemp, grown in foreign hemp fields and labeled as such. 

For more information on the benefits of using Cannabis in general, here are a handful of videos to help understand how Cannabis compounds work within the human body. The basics, all human bodies are riddled with receptors that process Cannabis compounds and thus, all humans should have the right to the naturally growing plants that contain these essential compounds we as humans are born to process. Deficiencies in Cannabis compounds could be the equivalent to a lack of Vitamin c and scurvy, or an absence of Vitamin D and rickets. By providing these basic plant compounds into a daily diet, these receptors can be positively influenced to promote a more homeostatic body.

Please do your research, and get your body in tune by supplementing daily Cannabinoids in some form.