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In July of 2018 I posted the following protocol to Cannabis Oil Success Stories, the largest Cannabis Oil healing group on all social media with 178,000+ members. It is the protocol I suggested I would follow if I was diagnosed with cancer(s) and was putting my faith in Cannabis Oil. Here is a copy of that post:

Jon Marsh

Admin * 28 July 2018


“I would seek out three to five strains of Cannabis flowers with varying ratios of THC and CBD and a wide range of terpenes, and I would mix those flowers into one bunch and extract the medicinal compounds using food-grade alcohol, likely organic cane alcohol.

For my own preference, I would target a higher THC-to-CBD ratio [ 3:1 ratio or higher ], and could achieve this by knowing the lab analysis on the Cannabis flowers I am choosing to extract from, and do the math to get the ratios where I need them [ Or I could have a very high THC and a high CBD and mix them at separate times, which I'd determine based on figuring out which I thought worked best, mixing in one blend or taking THC/CBD first and take the other at a later time ].

I would mix each gram with a carrier oil, most likely a blend with MCT coconut oil, olive oil and macadamia nut oil as one base. This would help the body absorb the benefits more than if using just concentrated oil.

I would then target 300-500mg+ of THC per day for two months and have follow-up testing/scans/blood work to determine the progression of the disease, or the healing. I would want, along with the THC, 100mg-200mg or so of CBD.

If I had an estrogen-driven cancer, I would flip this to 300-500mg of CBD and 100mg-200mg of THC and check my results in 60 days and if the disease is progressing, I would switch to a 1:1 ratio or even more THC than CBD.

Every body is different, but THC and CBD and all the other compounds work the same way, it is our bodies that determine how well they will perform. Make it easy on yourself when taking Cannabis extracts, keep up on the updates, research is going to expand the healing potentials exponentially once we know what we don't know.

I would also eat healthy vs "alkaline" and eat fats, which I believe is the Ketogenic menu. I would drink a lot of clean, filtered water and make sure I walked at least a mile a day, preferably near a lake or an ocean, or at a high altitude.

As research unfolds, I'll amend my cancer treatment plan, and hopefully with 100mg+ of THC a day in my system, avoid it all together and keep fending off the increasingly hazardous air and water we are exposed to by simply living our lives.”

     ~   Jon Marsh, Founding Admin, Cannabis Oil Success Stories on Facebook

Update: October 2021

The only change I would consider making to the protocol is upping the daily THC dosage and lowering the CBD dosage, despite some suggesting less is more. I would target at least 500mg of THC and try to eclipse 1000mg of THC daily if I could afford it both mentally and financially. When your only life is in jeopardy, monetary hurdles cannot stand in your way.

One last note: I would definitely mix my daily Cannabis Oil with one or more carrier oils; you can easily infuse a gram or two of Cannabis Oil into a small amount of carrier oil that will fit into a gel capsule. Though too much carrier oil can cause gut concerns, small doses should be a benefit and not a hinderance. 

Depicted in the photo below are seven 10-gram oral syringes of Cannabis Oil. The general recommendation is to ingest 60 grams of high-THC Cannabis Oil in 90 days or less, starting with small doses and increasing the dosage until "a gram a day" is being ingested. I would suggest ingesting the Cannabis Oil for as long as necessary, and not put a timeline or amount of Cannabis Oil into the equation. 


A short video clip of finishing the process of making Cannabis Oil.